We raise only Beautiful Irish Wolfhound Dogs on our large rolling ranch here in beautiful Kansas. We do it for the love of the breed, and
are producing some exceptional Irish Wolfhounds. We have produced Multiple Show Champions, Lure Coursing LGRA & AFSA
Champion and most of all the wonderful Gentle Giant Irish Wolfhounds we have placed with loving families who also love the breed and
want a pet. We have a demand for family pets first and foremost, which we welcome. So many families end up with babies that could
be shown or lured. We have many repeat loving families that have 2 and 3 of our babies in their homes. We are truly blessed with some
wonderful families and Irish Wolfhounds. Thank you also to the perfect families that know that two is better than one! Thats why we
made our video to the song. Be sure and click the link above and view it. We are known for our longevity, conformation, size and
temperaments in our hounds. We also encourage people to get out and attend a dog show or lure events and meet us and others first
hand, and enjoy the show and take in all the vendors booths.

We do health testing eyes, heart, hips and elbows. Currently accepting deposits and payments on upcoming litter. Every baby is
inspected by a vet and you get copies of parents Ancestry & Pedigrees. We take great pride in placing our babe's in qualified homes.
They are like our children so we are very picky as to where they go to live. Longevity, Conformation, Temperament, and Superior Grand
Champion Heritage. You can put a small payment down to reserve your baby as they do not last long. Contact us form on page 3 so be
sure and fill it out, if you wish to correspond with us. Thank you!

Colors: gray, steel gray, blue, cream, red wheaten, brindle, red, black, pure white, fawn or wheaten.
Temperament of Irish Wolfhounds are gentle, friendly, and very intelligent.
With Children: Yes, wonderful around children.
With Pets: Yes they are super!
Special Skills: Hunting dog and family pet.
Watch-dog: Medium to Low, but their great size can scare intruders.
Guard-dog: Medium to Low, may greet a intruder with love and affection.

Average 32 to 38 inches at the shoulder. Known for their gentle and
loyal personalities. First bred to hunt wolves and Elk. Good long distance runners,
fierce hunters! Owned only by nobility in olden times. Used in battle to attack knights on horseback. From an ancient dog called "CU",
Gaelic for dog

We are very selective as to where our babies are placed. A small deposit will assure that you get one of our babe's and order of litter
pick is always in order of prospective homes chosen with deposit and contract and guarantee are on hard file. No shipping outside the

Stud service available. Live covers and semen shipped and AI with your vet.
Champion heritage that is incomparable. Limited versus Full Registration is.......Limited Registration is also often referred to as "pet
only" registration. Limited is the option most people take if their puppy will be a family pet, will not be a show dog, and will not be bred
or able to reproduce. They may be Lured. Full Registration should be chosen if a puppy's new family would like to show in dog shows,
or to breed their Irish Wolfhound. Please advise if you are interested in show quality puppy or Lure Coursing so we can get you in the
right litter and you can agree to our terms in our contract/guarantee. Dogs can be lured on a limited registration, and we only offer
limited registrations at this time. Please include your email, physical address, and phone number if you think you qualify and would like
to view our contract/guarantee as we stand behind our lines. You are part of our extended family once you own one of our babes. We
are blessed to have met so many wonderful families and true friends for life. There is a small municipal airport within 10 miles of the
ranch and many fly their private planes here or charter planes here also.

Payments or Deposit via Pay Pal is accepted with handling fee added for transfer fees. Just click the Pay Pal link on our Contact Us
page where you can fill out the form also. US postal money order, credit cards, cashiers check, or cash is accepted.
AKC Inspected
AKC BRONZE GRAND CHAMPION "DRILLER"...........Multiple Group Winning and Placing.
Wishing all of our friends, family and exhibitors the best of 2017!  
Midwest Irish Wolfhounds Ranch